Bottle 'O Blues
Blues Harmonica Microphone with Smokey Amplifier

The Bottle 'O Blues™ harmonica microphone and Smokey amp make up an unbeatable portable blues harp rig. The Smokey amp is a portable, battery-powered amp that you can carry around in your harmonica case, or even in your pocket. This setup lets you play amplified electric blues harp anywhere, anytime. You won't believe the big sound from this small amp! This is a special harmonica version of the Smokey amp, exclusive to Bottle 'O Blues. Its modified to reduce feedback and improve tone for harmonica.

Bottle 'O Blues harmonica microphone and Smokey Amp,
cable included

Bottle 'O Blues mic and Smokey amp
$109 (with free shipping)

New Jon Gindick video!

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