Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless
Book and CD by Jon Gindick
Revised edition.

Jon Gindick Harmonica Book and CD

This is what Jon Gindick says about his book,

This Book and CD is where beginners and secretly desperate intermediates should start. Why did I revise the best selling harp book of all time? Because you've got to get the basics right. You can't make progress if you get the basics wrong. If your harp is off the edge of your lips, or you play harp by blowing and sucking instead of breathing naturally...

This book and CD focuses on breathing, articulation, embouchure, vibrato, relaxation and that swingin feelin' BEFORE it teaches you harder stuff. But it also teaches you the harder stuff, like bending. Like bending real good, hitting all 4 notes in the 3 draw, all 3 notes in the 2 draw, using that blue 3rd at the 3 draw half step bend, and the flatted 7th notes at 2 draw to make your blues sing.

It gives you a basic way to think about jamming, getting simple riffs into your muscle memory, using these riffs to accompany any kind of music. It teaches how to play major and minor keys, and it teaches you how to play songs. It assumes you know nothing about music.

This 110 page book and 73 minute CD gives you the foundation of all the skills of harpin' at the same time that it teaches you to improvise and feel loose and good about yourself as a musician. More than anything I have put out, this book and CD focuses on breathing, articulation, and embouchure, utilizing many new teaching teachniques I've developed in the last five years.

The 73 minute CD demonstrates and guides and jams. It gets you chugging, bending, playing straight harp, cross harp, and jamming in major and minor keys. I recommend this book and CD for all ages, all levels. The CD is for your C harp.

Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless
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