The Bottle 'O Blues is a Harmonica Microphone Specifically Designed for Playing the Blues!

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With a mellow distortion when tight-cupped, the Bottle 'O Blues™ microphone will give you that Chicago tone you've been looking for. Of course we all know that tone comes from the player, not a microphone or amp, but good equipment certainly helps.

The Bottle 'O Blues™ microphone has a dynamic element for smooth distortion, a volume control to help control feedback, and a 1/4" jack for easy connection to an amp. Its light weight and unusual shape makes it easy to play, and it looks cool too!

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Bottle 'O Blues microphone for blues harmonica Bottle 'O Blues microphone for blues harmonica

A recent testimonial from a satisfied customer!

Jim, I've been playing with the Bottle o Blues mic for two days now and, frankly, I can't stop. The tone is so bluesy it's becoming addictive. (Maybe the mic should come with a warning label!). I'm looking forward to my next gig with renewed enthusiasm. Thank you for meeting the needs of so many blues harp players with your unique design.

Warm Regards,
Larry from Midland, MI

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